Welcome to the Wabash Center

The Wabash Center supports theology and religion faculty and doctoral students reflecting on their teaching practice — in both theological education and undergraduate education, in the United States and Canada. We facilitate faculty conversations about the goals and processes of teaching and student learning. Our programming develops faculty skills for critical reflection on teaching practice.

We are fully funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.

We have a very small professional staff that facilitates our various programs. For the most part, our programs are designed and led by faculty from across the country who have participated in previous Wabash Center programming.  Our strategy is to cultivate workshop participants to become leaders of future workshops — and contributors to the full range of Wabash Center programming and resources.

We convene Summer Teaching Workshops, which include honorarium and reimbursed travel expenses.

Our grant program and consultants support faculty conversations about teaching on your campus.

We convene sessions on teaching at the annual AAR-SBL conference and the annual meeting of ETS.

We publish a peer-reviewed journal, a blog series, and provide other resources for teachers.

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